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Photocopier leasing: A New Trend On The Arizone

by Arif Kayyalakkakath 27 Dec 2022

Even in this apparently digital age, copiers are still widely employed in many organizations. This is largely due to the fact that many businesses still find it difficult to become totally paperless. In truth, paper documents are still used in many commercial transactions. As a result, the copy machine remains an essential piece of conventional office equipment. One can opt for a photocopier on rental at best price.

A Special Copier is Required 

Most multifunction copier requirements are straightforward, and the type of MFP copier you want will be determined by your industry and demands. The majority of businesses may benefit from standard multifunction copiers that can copy, print, fax, and scan.

Here, we will discuss the MFP features that aren't as prevalent and are expansions of your Multifunction Copier Lease. One should choose printer copier rental service in UAE.

- A large capacity stapling tray that is located next to the copier is called an external staple finisher.

- A small staple finisher called the Inner Finisher was included in the copier to stop size growth.

- A saddle-stitch finisher called Booklet Finisher is used to create booklets.

- Using a booklet finisher or an external staple finisher with an external hole punch, your papers may be hole punched with 2, 3, or 4 holes.

- Similar in operation to the exterior hole puncher, the inner hole puncher is built within the copier as opposed to being on the outside.

- You may fold your papers into Z- and C-Folds with the folding unit.

Monthly Volume of Copies

How much printing your workplace does should be one of the first questions you ask when getting ready to speak with a salesman about copier leasing. Multifunction printers come in a range of sizes, including small, big, and extra-large. The size you pick will depend on your volume. Always think of your monthly volume as "getting bigger or adding 10% to your monthly volume" to make sure you have space to expand.

It would be beneficial if you took into consideration months when businesses had slower or busier printing periods than in other months. BDS divides the number of copiers and printers into three groups:

- Small-scale printing (less than 3,000 copies per month)

- Printing at medium volume (3,000-10,000 copies per month)

- Printing in a high volume (10,001+ copies monthly)

How rapidly do you need to print and copy?

The speed at which you require the office copier to print and copy is the next consideration. Pages per minute is a standard measurement of a printer's speed (ppm). A higher grade indicates faster printing.

The speed of your printer should be determined by the size of your workspace and how frequently you print. Multifunction printers are frequently classified into three types based on their print speed:

- A printer that generates 20 ppm may be able to satisfy the demand in a small office with a few users without any obvious delays.

- Pages per minute ranging from 41 to 60: Mid-sized offices require printing systems that can print at least 30 to 50 pages per minute, whereas big organizations often upgrade to 50-70 ppm.

The operating system specifications for your workplace may also have an impact on the copier maintenance agreement. You should think about OS compatibility, other mobile printing options, interfaces, drivers, utilities, and even electrical demands while studying print specifications. Work with your IT assistance to set up the right network, taking security considerations into account. One can choose reliable affordable printer rental services.

Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment

Leasing office equipment is a great way to keep expenses down. After knowing about the requirements of leasing a photocopier, they should also consider how much of an advantage this choice is. The following are a few of the many advantages that come with leasing a copier.

  • Modular Payment Plan

When compared to larger corporations, small businesses are slow to invest in costly machinery like office copiers. It's not wise to spend a lot of money on machinery that will lose value over time. The best option is to lease photocopiers since the regular payments fit well into the established budget.

Photocopier distributors have a variety of models, so your firm may get the right one for its needs. Flexible payment terms are possible thanks to the lease alternatives and special offer we provide. As a result, you may choose the appropriate piece of technology at the appropriate moment and pay for it in a manner that suits your budget.

  • Innovative Technology

Leasing a digital photocopier machine is a great way to receive the newest technology without breaking the bank. The majority of businesses cannot provide a sizable sum toward the acquisition of state-of-the-art photocopiers. Newer, more sophisticated photocopiers are constantly being introduced to the market, rendering older models obsolete. If you decide to rent a copier, you can be certain that your business will benefit from high-quality, recently-upgraded equipment, and that any necessary repairs will be handled by the landlord.

  • Investment

Insufficient investment is not required at every disposal moment for businesses. Protecting capital is especially crucial for companies interested in exploring quantitative business opportunities. If you want to keep your business's credit lines open for when you really need them, you should avoid making unnecessary big purchases like upgraded photocopier machines. Payouts may be much lower if you choose for Arizone copier solutions, since it may also cover the price of maintenance and consumables.

  • Tax Breaks

Leasing a copy machine might provide unique advantages for your company. Depreciation on office equipment cannot be lowered in preparation for a new copier machine purchase. Instead, you can reduce your annual outlay by leasing the necessary office equipment within your company's budget. This means that lease payments are deductible from taxable income as business expenses. If this is done, the corporation may be able to claim a larger deduction.


The information provided here will help you come up with a fantastic plan for allocating funds within your company. The best places to find photocopier machines for rent or a digital photocopier to lease are from Arizone. Given these advantages, printer copier rental service in UAE is a good option for businesses on a tight budget. If you want to read more about printer rental services, please click here.

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