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Canon 5230

Optional Features 2 Drawer -1100 Sheet Paper Feed Pedestal 2000 Sheet Large Capacity Paper Feed 395 Fax Envelope Adapter Internal Stapler Finisher Multi-position External Stapler Finisher Booklet Maker Tri-fold Option Hole Punch

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Konica c360

The Konica Minolta Bizhub C360 Color Laser Multifunction Printer delivers the speed and power your office need. It serves as a right-size solution that satisfies document demands for mid-size and small businesses, workgroups, branch offices, and institutions. The Konica Minolta Bizhub C360 also offers advanced print functionality and powerful finishing options.

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Canon 5240

Standard Paper - Capacity Dual 550-sheet Paper Cassettes,100-sheet Stack Bypass Optional - Dual 550 Sheet Paper Cassettes, 2,700-sheet Paper Deck Maximum Paper Capacity - 5,000 Sheets, Monarch, DL, ISO-C5)** Tab Feeding

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Rent A Printer For Your Office From Arizone Printer Rental Services 

Building an office is never easy. One needs various things - files, folders, stationery, furniture, computers, calculators, printers, etc. While there are some of them you may need every day; there are others that need of which fluctuates a lot. Printers fall in that latter category. That is why it is not always an excellent option to buy a printer, and sometimes it is best just to rent it using printer rental services - especially to meet the temporary workloads.

A printer rental service is a perfect solution in many cases. The following are some of the issues where it can be hugely beneficial:

For temporary requirements - You may be temporarily requiring a printer to print out invitations for some event or to help your child with some project. Renting a printer can be the perfect option for such requirements. Commercial enterprises, too, may have such short terms requirements as around the tax months, year closing, etc.

For start-ups - Starting up a new business is always challenging, and if that is what you are doing, we wish you the best of luck. We shall also go further than that by making it easy for you to furnish your office by suggesting you go for a laser printer rental instead of buying them immediately to keep from unnecessarily distressing your cash flow position.

For short-lived ventures - Sometimes, joint ventures are created to meet a single or few consignments; while such ventures may require offices, one may wish to avoid such capital assets as printers to make an office for the same. Going for a laser printer rental is an ideal solution in such cases.

While working in a foreign country - Sometimes you are on a business tour or other international tour, and you may temporarily need a printer for a few days while you are in the country. Buying a printer in such a case will make no sense, and it would be wise to go for a printer rental company.


The above are only some cases in which printer rental services can be desired, and there are countless cases where one may require this service.


Things To Look For In A Printer Rental Service

Renting a printer can keep your costs low and save you from making a big purchase. However, to get the best of these benefits, one must only go for the best printer rental services one can find. Now finding the best can be a challenging task, but the following tips can be constructive for finding one:

Define your requirements - You must have an obvious idea about what kind of printers or printers you might require. Do you need to go for a laser printer rental? How many of them do you need? How long do you need them?

Consider services that provide flexible rental options - One should only go for services that offer flexible rental services as these services can let you find the rent option that works the best for you.

● Compare the rents - It is also essential to compare the rent from various rental services you are considering. While considering the rent, one should also consider the benefits provided as a service may look more expensive but provide more benefits than make for the difference.

Read the rental agreement carefully - we recommend that you read through the rental agreement carefully and in detail before choosing a printer copier rental service Dubai.

Ensure that there are no hidden costs - When renting a printer, your rent is ideally the only thing you should be expected to pay in the ordinary course of things. It is thus essential to ensure that the printer rental service for rent won’t be charged at hidden costs.

Check the printers before accepting them - Always check them before accepting their delivery at your place.

Regarding the printer copier rental service Dubai has several options, but not all are the same. The tips mentioned above shall help you find the best printer rental service for rent in the country. You can search yourself or take out word for it. Arizona is the best printer rental services in the market.

Arizone - Bringing You The Freedom To Print


Your ability to print should not be limited by your unwillingness to commit to a big purchase. Arizone offers the best alternative. As the leading printer copier rental service Dubai, we are a pioneer IT solutions business that provides powerful, effective, and often innovative IT solutions to our customers. Our printer rental service for rent will provide you with a sporadic list of printers, and these printers can easily be rented through our website. Once you have filled out the inquiry form, we shall contact you, and our service will be prompt. We offer the best prices among the comparatives Printer rental services in the market from industry’s leading printer repair expert.


Afraid that the printer might run into problems? We offer an emergency repair service 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We also provide services like LED installation, LED panel repair, CCTV installation, etc.


So, if you are looking for the best printer copier rental service Dubai has to offer, contact us now with your queries.

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