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How to Select the Best Company for Copy Machine Repair?

by Febin T 03 Nov 2022

How to Select the Best Company for Copy Machine Repair?


Your copy machine is the most useful workhorse in the office. It helps one when one needs to make a presentation or print reports for one’s business. Because of this hard work, the copier may suffer downtime, and you will need to consult a copy machine repair service.

Tips for selecting a repair company

Both local dealers and manufacturers provide multi-function repair and maintenance services. No matter what company you select, you must look for specific qualities when choosing a repair company for office copiers.

  • Location

The first task is to choose a company that is truly local. Local depends on what kind the location that you are in. For a remote area, local may mean within 40 miles. But in a crowded metropolis, locals may imply 5 miles within the same city. Location determines how fast you can get the services of a repair company. Naturally, nearer implies faster. It is vital to select a company near one’s office so as to cut down on travel time.

  • Guarantee of response time

In case one relies heavily on a multi-functional copier, downtime can prove to be costly in terms of time and money. Though many companies promise fast response time, you cannot be sure unless they provide a guarantee.

  • Offers fast troubleshooting

Certain dealers that are locally authorized can handle repairs and copy machine service quickly. They can troubleshoot and fix issues over the phone, such that you need not wait for a service call. Such kind of support is something to consider while seeking the best copier repair company.

  • Brands

Consider the brands carried by the company. How do they rank? It is important to have a brand that ranks well. Well-known brands are easier to access when they are required. Various brands provide various features, and so you must weigh what features are vital for your business.

  • Additional office solutions

One has got a copier. Next, what? There are several accessories for the office which can be added on, which could enhance your productivity and generate a smooth workflow. Managed print services, document solutions, and software are always a must in the office. Go for a company that can provide a package of products.

  • Authorised dealer

One must find out whether the company offering the products and services is authorised to do so. The fact is, there are many middlemen attempting to offer one a great deal. This implies that after the initial purchase of products, you will have to deal with an authentic company authorised for service, set up etc.

  • Off-site monitoring

Remote monitoring empowers technicians to detect issues before the copier shuts down. The issue can be addressed without much damage or downtime. Valuable time can be saved via remote diagnostics and monitoring. This includes checking on levels of toner cartridges and automating the process of delivery of cartridges.

  • Good reviews and trained technicians

It is always good to check online reviews of the company. If negative feedback is more than positive ones, it is a huge red flag.

Another factor to check is whether the technicians of the company are well-trained, dedicated, and insightful. Before hiring the company, talk to the technicians. You should discuss what complications could arise in the copier and how the latter will handle these.


In sum, these are some of the top tips for hiring a copy machine repair service

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