8 Things to keep in mind while leasing or renting a photocopier
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8 Things to keep in mind while leasing or renting a photocopier

by Febin T 03 Nov 2022

8 Things to keep in mind while leasing or renting a photocopier

A photocopier is a machine designed for making duplicate copies of important documents with high accuracy. Companies and businesses need a copier that comes with the best features because it can be used for various applications. On the other hand, buying a new machine may cost high, and not everyone can afford it. That’s why many prefer to rent or lease a machine to minimize expenses. However, those who want to lease or rent a photocopier should keep certain things in mind to accomplish their goals. 

What are the tips to follow when leasing or renting a photocopier?

1. Volume of copies 

Before renting or leading a photocopier, it is wise to evaluate the printing volume with more attention. A business or machine should figure out how much it wants to take photocopies in a month. This is because some models allow users to copy and print documents with specific limitations. Knowing the average monthly page volume (AMPV) will help overcome the problem significantly. Moreover, it provides methods to run a machine without any difficulties. 

2. Solutions compatibility 

A copier should integrate with multiple applications to improve the process. A company or business must select a machine that supports intelligent tracking, departmental cost tracking, print governance, and other printing solutions. Choosing an MFD (multifunction device) machine will result in more advantages for users. Moreover, users should think about the current and future plans for document overflow while leasing or renting a copier machine. 

3. Maintenance and supply contracts

Maintenance is an important factor to keep in mind when renting or leasing a machine from a company. Working with a company that offers full copy machine service will reduce the burden to a large extent. Furthermore, it is essential to know whether a company or business requires toner and services when selecting a machine. 

4. Colour output

Colour output is another thing to consider in the leasing and rental process. Anyone who wants to run heavy paper stocks or needs colour matching should consider choosing a light-production photocopier machine. 

5. Evaluating a company

Not all companies are the same, and one should evaluate them in detail. This, in turn, gives ways to select a company that offers the best rental services to customers. It also helps make informed decisions to ensure peace of mind from unwanted problems. 

6. Photocopier models 

When selecting a photocopier rental service, a business or company should give importance to the brand and model of the machine. Since different types of machine models are available in markets, it is important to study them to select the right one. 

7. Flexible leasing options 

Customers should pick flexible photocopier leasing options such as short-term leases and long-term leases that suit their needs. They should understand the terms and conditions properly while preparing a leasing agreement. 

8. Renting and leasing costs 

The photocopier renting and leasing costs may vary from one company to another company in a location. Hence, customers should consider comparing rates that help select services that suit their budgets. 

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