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Top Tips for Laser Printer Maintenance

by Febin T 03 Nov 2022
Top Tips for Laser Printer Maintenance

The maintenance and upkeep of a laser printer are as critical as maintaining a computer. However, this task is often neglected. A laser printer that is maintained properly tends to print better and offers several years of smooth operation. By making use of short procedures and very less time, it is possible to have a clean and well-maintained printer.

Procedures for laser printer maintenance should be conducted at least monthly. Such procedures must also be conducted to fix printing issues like printouts with toner smears, gaps in printing, and streaking.

General cleaning

The external part of the printer must be kept clean using a damp cloth. One must take care while removing or inserting toner cartridges from the printer to prevent toner leakage. Toners may stain carpeting, fabric, and clothing, and so care must be taken to handle a toner cartridge.

Quality of paper/ toner

While it is tempting to buy cheap paper and toner for a laser printer, it is not a good practice. Toner cartridges and paper of poor quality can tremendously lower the functionality of printers and result in hardware and printer issues. So, it is good to adhere to the recommendations of manufacturers. While using recycled cartridges, one must ensure that cartridges are from a reliable source since cheap toners can leak and cause damage.

Cleaning sheets for laser printer

Printer cleaning sheets can be used quickly to clean the insides of a laser printer. Get rid of dirt and excess toner. This is a concern that can be handled by printer maintenance service.

Tips for maintaining printers

More than hundreds of printed papers are churned out by laser printers, rendering them a great investment in the office. There is a need for a proper maintenance plan to boost the efficiency of printers and gain professional-looking, clean printouts. The following tips are ideal for such plans:

  • Protect oneself

While cleaning a printer, your safety must be the first priority. To avoid electrocution, ensure that you turn off and unplug the printer. Wear gloves and latex to prevent particles from adhering to the skin or entering the lungs.

  • Use printer manuals

Printer manuals are precious for the upkeep of printers and so must be preserved with care. If you misplace it, you can get a copy from the website of manufacturers.

  • Remove debris and dirt

The build-up of debris and dust in the printer can cause the printing function to become stuck. Dirt particles can also cause printers to generate ink streaks which soil printed documents. A pressure-controlled and small vacuum can be used to suck away the dirt. Make use of moist cotton swabs to remove grime from the corners of the printer.

  • Select the right cartridge

The topmost priority of the checklist for printer maintenance is to shop for the right toner cartridge. Though this is slightly costly, it helps maintain the best working conditions for the laser printer. Some generic and cheap cartridges are prone to generate blotchy or faded printouts.

  • Keep printer updated

It is important that one should not ignore the tip of keeping printing devices updated to the latest model. This can be done by tying up with a company for printer maintenance service.


 In sum, it is quite a nuisance to get a laser printer that generates printouts of low quality. It can also reduce your productivity. But such a scenario can be avoided by the proper plan for laser printer maintenance.

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